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When your occasion is an important one, that's the time for a special dessert!  At Dessertworks, we bake using the best ingredients, fresh eggs, heavy cream, whole milk, sweet cream butter and rich Belgian chocolates.  Our icings, made from scratch in our shop, are exceptional!  These are NOT those greasy over-sugary processed icings from a bucket!!  We use fresh cream and real butter.  All cakes custom baked upon your order; To insure production availability and fresh delivery of product, (especially during wedding season), please place orders for custom or specialty cakes a minimum of two weeks prior to your event. Below is our cake size list with amount of servings for special occasion cakes.  If there is a food allergy to be considered, please let us know as we have special recipes for those with nut, wheat or dairy allergies.

  Party Cakes - Sheet Cakes

            White Vanilla , White Chocolate
SizeServingsor Chocolate Buttercream      

1/4 Sheet cake        Feeds 16-20   
Medium sheet cake Feeds 25-32         
½ Sheet cake  Feeds 35-45   
¼ & ½ stacked sheet      Feeds 50-65   

Sheet cakes are available in the following flavors: Vanilla Chiffon, Chocolate Chiffon, Marbled Chiffon, ½ & ½, Chocolate Chip Chiffon,  Confetti Chiffon, Rapsberry Swirl, Strawberry Swirl, Caramel Swirl, Dark Chocolate Fudge, Lemon Chiffon, Oreo Chiffon or Five Spice Chiffon . Fillings not available in sheet cakes; Please feel free to bring us napkins, invitations or toys to further personalize the cake to the theme of your special event.

Party Cakes - Round Cakes

White Vanilla , White Chocolate
SizeServingsor Chocolate Buttercream      
6” round Feeds 6-8       
8” round Feeds 10-12
9” round Feeds 14-16
10” roundFeeds 20-24
12” roundFeeds 28-30
14” roundFeeds 40-45

These cakes are available in the flavors listed above, as well as White Vanilla Buttermilk , Lemon Buttermilk, Lemon Poppyseed and Butter Almond. Fillings are available (in layer cakes only) including raspberry, strawberry, lemon, apricot,  chocolate buttercream, vanilla bavarian cream, caramel cream, chocolate mint,  raspberry, strawberry or lemon mousse.

Specialty Cakes
Carrot Cake -  A moist, dense, rich cake filled with sweet carrots, fruit, cinnamon and nuts.  Topped with a sinfully rich cream cheese icing and enrobed in rich walnuts on the sides.  Available November 1st through Easter... 9” - $48.00,  6” - $25.00, ¼ sheet - $45.00, Med sheet - $65.00

Get Some Milk Cake - A chocolate lover’s delight!  Moist dark chocolate fudge cake filled and frosted with our traditional chocolate buttercream icing.   8” - $38.00, 6” - $25.00.

Chocolate Seduction Cake – A dark chocolate fudge cake layer, then chocolate cheesecake, another chocolate cake layer, wrapped in chocolate buttercream and finished with a dark chocolate glaze on top.  8” - $48.00, 

Tuxedo Torte – Three layers of dark chocolate fudge cake, torted with a filling of white chocolate buttercream and mini chocolate chips, frosted with our chocolate buttercream and finished with a white chocolate glaze.  8” - $45.00,

Elegant First Communion with edible white chocolate crossBowling cake.jpgPirate cake"Mashed potato cupcake" April Fools!!First Communion CakeGo Goshen Grad!  1/4 sheet on top of 1/2 sheet 50-60 servingsMardi Gras Sweet 16thGrooms Cake - they hike!Loveland Tigers!What a Sweet 16th Birthday!Ohio State Stadium Grooms CakeRub-a-dub! baby cake1/4 sheet on top of 1/2 sheetWelcome to New Brand Mgr!Medium sheet cakeSpooky halloween!Damask designA little clothes line Get  em Batman!Sugar and spice and everything nice!Every princess needs a castle!Giddy up!!!RawwwrrrrQuack quack so cute!Is your little one a monkey!?Whoooo is this cake for?Pink Ombre, inside and out!Pink Zebra anyone?Three princesses for a special little girlTopsy turvy cake for a special 50th birthday!
            Cupcakes ~ Cheesecakes ~ Dessert Bars
Cupcakes are also available and range from $1.00 to $3.00 apiece depending on size and decoration. Custom designed to your specifications in any of the chiffon flavors; One dozen minimum per flavor.

Cheesecakes are available for dessert tables in 6" and  8" sizes;  Flavors include original creamy vanilla, raspberry swirl, strawberry swirl, chocolate swirl, caramel cream swirl, chocolate chip, cookies and cream, cherry cordial, turtle sundae, key lime pie and double chocolate.  Call for pricesand size.

Dessert Tables are available with a variety of bar pastries, mini cupcakes, brownies, tartlets and mini pies.  Add in tortes or cake and its a party!